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Tanj folks love clear, interesting language, whether we’re writing it or reading it. That’s why we’re crushing hard on Facebook’s newest app, Paper.

Paper uses standout language to title subsections of the news and lifestyle app. They use refreshing yet clear terms for standard categories, such as Flavor (food), Exposure (photography), Glow (beauty), and Score (sports). They have also created new categories that are not normally seen in news apps: take a look at Ideas, Creators, Equalize, All City, Planet, Pride.

Facebook Paper Screenshot

Some titles are a smidge less clear than others, requiring a bit of education through descriptors and imagery. All City, Well Lived, Equalize — these aren’t 100% crystal-clear, but we love the outside-the-box thinking.

Thoughtful tweaks in language can make a big difference in how a brand is perceived. Let us know where you’ve seen little twists that grab your attention! This is the stuff that makes us squeal.

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