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A lot of folks want to work with naming firms to create killer names for their new products or businesses. The types of businesses that benefit most include:

  • Larger Companies or Organizations
    Companies with enough budget to adequately develop and market new brands get a lot of value out of hiring naming agencies. Bringing on a naming firm alone can cost anywhere from around $10,000 to $80,000 depending on the firm and the type of project. While these fees don’t always yield great results, if you dedicate a healthy budget to naming, you will dramatically increase your chances of successfully launching your new brand with a solid name.
  • Global Brands
    Brands that are going global also benefit from the ideas and advice of naming firms. Most reputable naming agencies, including Tanj, have significant international experience to understand and investigate how names work across languages, cultures and countries. For any global naming assignment, this is a must.
  • Brands that Really Want to Differentiate
    Not all companies who hire a naming agency have massive budgets and global reach. Many mid-size firms and well-funded startups hire naming consultants to differentiate their products, overcome stringent legal and trademark challenges, ensuring they take smart, viable brand names to market.

While naming is a niche yet critical aspect of your overall branding efforts, there are a number of naming agencies you can turn to for support. How do you know which one is best for you?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Specialized Pros?
    Does the agency actually specialize in naming or do they simply offer it as part of a number of other services? While you may think one-stop shopping is better in this case, it often isn’t because naming is highly technical. For example, design companies, interactive shops and ad agencies sometimes say they do naming. But in reality, they often don’t have the experience or expertise to get you to success.
  • Diverse Portfolio?
    Does the agency have an expansive and diverse portfolio of work? Do all of their names sound the same, or does their work demonstrate a variety of styles? Have you heard of any of the brands they’ve named? Expertise in your industry isn’t necessarily a must. But having a broad range of work, clear experience across multiple industries and at least some well-known brands are important factors to consider.
  • Rigorous Process?
    Does the agency have a process in place and a perspective on naming your unique brand? An in-depth process should include some element of discovery — working with you to understand what your business and brand are all about. It should also include enough time and brain-power to generate a large volume of ideas (we’re talking 1,000 to 3,000 raw names), and ultimately recommend only the very best set.
  • Your Involvement?
    How involved do you want to be in the process and how will the firm work with you? Are there key checkpoints throughout the engagement for you to provide input and feedback? Some clients may want to be hands-off, others hands-on. It’s important to agree to how you’ll work together before you begin.
  • How to Decide?
    How is the firm going to help you select a final name? Or are they simply sharing recommendations, leaving you to make your final selection? An experienced naming agency will take a consultative approach to working with you and your organization throughout the entire process.
  • Trademark & Linguistic Checks?
    Does the naming agency have some type of trademark check to assess the legal viability of names presented to you? Are they able to screen names in key languages to avoid obvious negative meaning or associations with your name, especially if you are launching your new brand abroad?
  • Easy to Work With?
    Do you like the people at the firm? Are you able to talk to the partners and get a feel for who will work on your project? Ensuring that you have smart, dedicated and nice personalities to partner with is an essential part of making the right choice.

To learn more about naming at Tanj, visit us at http://tanj.co/ and say hello.

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