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360Me. Naming.


Everyday, Every-way Wellness

Employee health packages are no longer just about annual check-ups and medications: they’re about everyday, every-way wellness. To ensure employees are able to live well and remain optimally productive, we need to approach wellness from all angles. And we need to encourage people to play an active role in their health.

That’s why Regence started Regence 360Me, a turnkey wellness program that puts employees in control of their own health.

360Me, the brand name we developed for Regence, says a lot in just five characters. It puts the employee — “Me” — in the driver’s seat, and suggests that the program provides a 360 degree approach to personal health and wellness.

We also worked with the client to create descriptive tier names to identify the three different versions of the program. It was important that the names not come across as ‘good, better, best,’ because the best solution for one employer may not be the best solution for another. By naming the tiers Foundations, Advanced, and Custom, they were able to call out the benefits of each option without pitting them against one another.

And that’s great, because Regence 360Me is all about making life easier for employers and employees alike.

Client: Cambia Health
Partner: WE Worldwide

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