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Lose Your Bank & Let’s Go

Changing the name of a business that has been around for more than 75 years is no easy feat. But this particular client truly embraced the challenge and went all-in on developing a whole new brand.

When we began working with this midwestern credit union, their name was MECU—a relic from their history as the Motorola Employees Credit Union. Having long outgrown that history, they were ready for a new name to better fit with their current and future status as a friendly credit union that is always by their members’ sides.

We renamed the credit union “andigo,” a coined name that gives a nod to the idea that “wherever I go, andigo is with me.” Next, we developed a tagline to go alongside the new name. The team decided on “Lose your bank & let’s go” to make a bold statement about what it means to be a credit union rather than a bank, to emphasize the “go” embedded in the name, and to serve as a clear call to action.

Finally, we created a comprehensive, user-friendly set of brand voice and messaging guidelines to define how the new brand sounds and train writers on how to express the brand appropriately. Andigo’s voice, which we defined as “Conversational Wit,” provides a strong and engaging personality and injects plenty of fun into a world that can often be dry and boring.

Our friends over at Villain Branding brought the voice and messaging guidelines to life by writing the website copy. You should really take a look—bet you can’t read a page of it without smiling, if not laughing out loud. Andigo is truly a delightful brand, and one that we’re proud to have helped create.

Client: MECU (now Andigo)

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