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Bellarise. Naming.


Rise Up

Yeasts are eukaryotic microorganisms classified in the kingdom Fungi. But forget the science and think about how cool yeasts really are. They make all those baked goods you love possible.

Pakmaya, a leading brand of Turkish yeast and a true global powerhouse when it comes to these bubbling wonders, was expanding its operations in US. To better connect with US bakers and other B2B audiences, the company decided to rename the brand specifically for the North American market.

After an in-depth exploration of names, Pakmaya landed on “Bellarise.” The name is an elegant blend with European flair (“Bella,” meaning beautiful in Italian) and American pragmatism (“rise,” denoting the benefit of quality yeast).

Client: Pakmaya
Partners: Arzu Birkan, Emir Isik

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