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Compliance Made Easy

Regulatory compliance is complex. Whether you’re on-boarding new clients or customers, collecting information for your own reporting, or exchanging virtual currencies or sensitive documents, mounds of information must be shared, and a lot rides on getting it right.

Our client, Strevus, makes software solutions that simplify the compliance process for businesses. As Strevus prepared to launch a new suite of solutions, it saw the opportunity to simplify its own complex lineup of products.

The goal was to unify key products under one unique, easy to understand brand name that gets to the heart of what compliance is all about — assurance.

So we developed the name “CounterCheck,” referring to an additional check to ensure accuracy. Easy. Clear. Direct. That’s what you want with compliance.

The CounterCheck brand now serves as an umbrella for three products: CounterCheck Manager (global regulation compliance), CounterCheck Link (provisioning legal information to counterparties), and CounterCheck BTC (KYC/AML due diligence for Bitcoin transactions).

Client: Strevus

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