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Envelo. Naming. Story.

Home. Made.

In partnership with our friends at Studio Sanderson, we worked with award-winning architecture firm Ascher Davis to craft a name and story for the firm’s new line of homes.

Driven by a unique curation-based model that combines architectural and interior design, alongside high-end construction, the brand simplifies the home buying, design and building process, making it an easy, affordable option for those in search of unique modern homes.

After several rounds of naming to uncover just the right expression, the client selected Envelo — coined from the verb ‘to envelop’ — to capture the immersive feeling and cohesive experience buyers get from an Envelo home.

The name, created by Tanj, and the brand expression, developed by Studio Sanderson, come together to embrace Envelo’s fresh new approach to modern living.

Client: Ascher Davis Architects
Partner: Studio Sanderson

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