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Only the Films You’ll Love

When the folks at Turner Classic Movies (TCM) introduced themselves to us as “complete film nerds,” we knew we had a fun challenge ahead of us.

TCM’s new streaming service, targeted at serious film lovers, is populated with a carefully curated collection of high-quality movies — including exclusive streaming access to The Criterion Collection.

We talked with our clients about all of the feelings associated with watching great films: utter delight, comfort, fun, connection, and more. And we all realized we had to capture these in the name.

After a broad naming exploration, TCM selected “FilmStruck.” Inspired by the construction of “awestruck,” “Moonstruck,” et cetera, the name elegantly expresses the feeling of being moved by a film. With the knowledge and enthusiasm of the film nerds at TCM, we have no doubt plenty of subscribers will soon be FilmStruck.

Client: Turner Classic Movies

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