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Because Truth Builds Trust

Everyone knows the real estate market in New York City is wild — big money, big personalities, and high hopes make selling and buying property an incredible challenge.

That’s why brokers constantly need to figure out new ways to attract the right clientele. Now more than ever, brand is the key.

We were fortunate enough to partner with our friends at Studio Sanderson to help redefine and rebrand Leslie J. Garfield — a pioneer of the townhouse and small building market in NYC for more than 40 years.

By developing a core story that hinges on Garfield’s unique expertise in an important, and niche aspect of the overall real estate market, we were able to figure out what makes the brand tick and resonate with sellers and buyers a like. It’s all wrapped up in the concept that “truth builds trust.”

“The truth matters. When we provide you with honest advice, experienced perspective, and the facts to back it up, we become a trusted partner who helps you make better decisions about the future of your property. We are in the business of revealing truths to earn your trust.” 

From there, Studio Sanderson completely redesigned the identity, and we helped craft a brand voice that is open & honest, down to earth, passionate about the business, all with a bit of wit mixed in. Along the way we developed the copy for Garfield’s website, and copy for some printed collateral, too.

Client: Leslie J. Garfield
Partner: Sanderson

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