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Not Your Traditional Printer

In the last 15 years, the printing industry has had to compete with the onslaught of all things digital. But that doesn’t mean print is dead. In fact, it is alive and thriving in certain sectors.

Graphic Direction, a Toronto-based print consultancy, is at the forefront of printing today. The company is changing the conversation designers, agencies and brand owners have with their printers. No longer is printing about “how big,” “how many” or “how much.” Graphic Direction asks “what’s possible” during the design phase to break new boundaries with the final printed product.

The company has a big story to tell. We helped them tell it by developing a highly unique, edgy voice to connect with the design community, a key target audience. We also created some fun and informative website and brochure copy to cut through the clutter.

Check out below!

Client: Graphic Direction
Partner: SmithRais





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