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Hyundai. Tagline.


Drive Your Way

When you develop an English tagline for a truly global brand, simplicity is key. In the mid-2000s, Hyundai wanted to deliver a message of quality, trust and personal expression to consumers all around the world. Members of our team created the simple, accessible tagline “Drive Your Way” to deliver that message.

While Hyundai revised its tagline to “New Thinking, New Possibilities,” “Drive Your Way” helped propel the brand from a distant second tier maker into the first tier global automobile manufacturer it is today.

Client: Hyundai

* The above work was carried out by Scott Milano, Owner & Managing Director of Tanj Branding LLC, while he was employed by Interbrand Corporation. It is featured on this site only to represent the comprehensive work experience of Scott Milano the individual, not Tanj Branding LLC the company.  

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