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The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. It’s become clear that long-term health can’t be achieved with bandages and pills alone. For employer healthcare packages to be successful, it is imperative that employees take an active role in their wellness. But with the demands of today’s world, people often need motivation to make positive changes in their lives.

Asuris’ new wellness program, Asuris Inspire, provides that spark. It’s a turnkey solution that creates a culture of health in the workplace.

Inspire, the name we developed for the program, speaks to the immediate goal of the program: to inspire employees to adopt healthy behaviors. The verb “inspire” is defined as “to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something.” With the motivation and resources provided by Asuris, employees will certainly have the ability to reach their wellness goals, and to feel healthy and proud.

We also worked with the client to develop descriptive tier names to identify the three different versions of the program. It was important that the names not come across as ‘good, better, best,’ because the best solution for one employer may not be the best solution for another. By naming the tiers Foundations, Advanced, and Custom, they were able to call out the benefits of each option without pitting them against one another. When it comes to being the best you, it’s all about finding what inspires you.

Client: Cambia Health
Partner: Waggener Edstrom

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