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Intuvo. Naming.


The Science of Intuition

When Agilent, a global leader in designing and manufacturing scientific instruments, asked us to name their revolutionary new gas chromatography system, we said, “Sure! Wait, gas chromato-what?”

We immediately knew a very detailed kickoff would be essential in order to fully understand exactly what this instrument was and how it differed from earlier generations of gas chromatography (GC) systems. Fortunately, the whipsmart folks at Agilent were able to get us up to speed quickly, and we hit the ground running.

It quickly became obvious that they weren’t exaggerating when they called this new system “revolutionary”: it really was a huge leap forward, with quite a few major changes in technology. This is great for GC users, but a real challenge for namers: Which feature do we want the name to focus on? Through a naming workshop performed with the Agilent team, we were able to prioritize the features and potential messages. Rising to the top were the ideas that the system is intelligent and also very easy to use, with an intuitive touchscreen interface that removes operational limitations.

The second big challenge we faced was the international nature of Agilent’s business. Their instruments are marketed and sold globally, which meant we had major legal and linguistic hurdles to overcome.

After deep exploration and vetting of hundreds of names, the team landed on the name Intuvo. The name suggests that this new GC instrument is intuitive to use, while also aligning nicely with messaging around intelligence. The simple structure of “Intuvo” works well linguistically across the globe, so Agilent was able to launch their new product with a unified name internationally.

So, not only do we now know what a gas chromatography system is—we’ve named one. And you can bet we’ll be working that fact into conversation at cocktail parties as much as possible.

Client: Agilent

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