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Juke. Naming.


Make Your Move

Have you ever driven in New York City? You’ve got to dodge, weave, step on it and STOP… all before the light turns green.

Nissan had this in mind when they built the Juke crossover. It’s a sweet ride for navigating tricky streets safely and stylishly.

Members of our team helped develop the name “Juke.” And we think it is a really good fit since “juke” means “outmaneuver.”

Designed to look like a proud boxer from the outside, and feel like a jet-fighter cockpit inside, Juke lets you quickly carve up the toughest city streets.

Client: Nissan

* The above work was directed by Scott Milano, Owner & Managing Director of Tanj Branding LLC, while he was employed by Interbrand Japan. It is featured on this site only to represent the comprehensive work experience of Scott Milano the individual, not Tanj Branding LLC the company. 

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