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Packaging Potential

Packaging is like a pair of socks; it’s just not something that garners much thought for most people. But the fact is, like a good pair of socks, good packaging can make all the difference. For consumers, for brand owners, for the world.

MWV, one of the world’s largest packaging solutions providers, is trying to change the conversation around packaging. We have worked closely with the company on an expansive, in-depth rebranding, including the development of a highly unique brand strategy and story, a compelling and casual brand voice, targeted brand messaging and lots of crisp copywriting.

We helped them invite a more meaningful dialogue that engages their customers (think big brands like P&G, Coca-Cola and Starbucks) and consumers (think you).

Flip over some packaging in your house and look who made it; chances are you’ll find some from MWV. They’re everywhere.

Client: MeadWestvaco

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