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Percuvance. Naming. Tagline.


Can you say “microlaparoscopic?”

While you might know what microlaparoscopic surgery is, we bet you don’t know exactly what it entails, let alone keep up with all the crazy innovations that go into developing minimally invasive surgery (MIS) procedures and devices.

We didn’t either.

So when Teleflex, a leader in surgical devices and equipment, challenged us to name a category-changing MIS surgical system, plus craft a new tagline for the brand, we had a lot of studying to do.

And that’s what we did.

When we dived into our research, we learned that one of the key advancements of the system is its ability to enter skin directly, or “percutaneously.” This means fewer incisions from trocars (think portals a surgeon uses to insert devices inside a patient’s body), which in turn means reduced scarring of the patient’s skin.

To position the new Teleflex system as an entirely new category of devices, we created the name “Percuvance” — a straightforward yet powerful name that combines the unique category of “percutaneous insertion” with the notion of “advancing” MIS overall.

The tagline “Fewer Trocars. Less Trauma.” targets Teleflex’s core audience of surgeons, and succinctly delivers the two key benefits that make this system a real leap forward.

So, it’s okay if your tongue gets tied over “microlaparoscopic,” because now you can just say Percuvance.

Client: Teleflex
Partner: WE Worldwide

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