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Pointman. Naming.

Get to the Pointman

Pointman (formerly SWRemote) is a software company that builds cloud and mobile solutions for the home services industry. They make software that helps contractors (think plumbers, electricians, etc.) do many things, such as organize projects, service customers, collect data and facilitate sales, all while saving them money. But they came to Tanj with a (happy) problem – they needed a company name that could better encompass their growing portfolio of products. So we dove in.

The big question for Tanj was: how do we say efficiency, improved decision-making, leadership and teamwork in just a few letters? What would feel sturdy enough for the team-oriented services industry, yet modern enough for a software solutions company? What’s something that a whole fleet of workers could rally behind?

Then it hit us: a point man. A “point man” is a soldier at the head of a patrol, or a person at the forefront of an activity. They’re the one everyone looks to to keep things moving forward. They have to be organized, adaptive, informed and decisive. They have to be smart. They have to be committed. They have to never miss a beat.

They have to be everything Pointman stands for.

Client: Pointman

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