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It’s Time for Everyone to Prosper

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: Changing a name is hard. But when your name is a source of confusion rather than clarity about what you do, a change is worth the work.

When D.C.-based CFED first approached us, we thought they might be a government organization, thanks to the “FED” in their name. We quickly learned that was not the case, and that they were often even more misunderstood when people heard that the acronym stood for “Corporation For Economic Development.”

In fact, they’re a non-profit organization, founded in 1979, dedicated to helping people in America achieve financial security through a variety of programs and public policy. Although the name served them well in earlier years, it eventually began causing challenges in communications. CFED was ready for a name that would help tell the story of their important work rather than obfuscate it.

We re-named the organization Prosperity Now, a name that functions as a rally cry for the people and partner organizations they work with. “Prosperity” provides an optimistic cue to their work supporting financial security for individuals and families, while “Now” conveys the urgency of their message. As a whole, the name makes it easy to explain their mission to people unfamiliar with their work.

Next, we created Prosperity Now’s new brand voice and messaging guidelines to clearly define how the brand speaks and to prepare writers to express the brand’s core messages in the right way. We also worked with Prosperity Now’s communications team to start developing copy for their website to ensure the new messaging was on target.

While the new name and branding mark a big step forward, they also remain true to the heart of the well-established organization. The work Prosperity Now does to help people across the country has not changed. But with a new name, they can more easily explain what they do and thus reach more people. And with a new voice and clarified messaging, they can better communicate with their audiences.

We’re excited to see this organization’s work conveyed to the world in a fresh, clear way, and we know their new identity will help them continue to help people prosper in the coming decades.

Client: Prosperity Now (formerly CFED)

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