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Live Lightly on the Land

Alongside our friends at Studio Sanderson and Lang Architecture, we created the brand story, strategy and tagline for Splinter Creek, a new kind of sustainable development nestled in the hills of north Mississippi.

Splinter Creek features 26 lakeside homesites that blend seamlessly into 650 acres of rolling pine forest. Buyers can purchase architect-designed homes, or buy land and build their own homes.

As a model for environmentally sensitive and sustainable design, Splinter Creek encourages residents to create homes that fit with the surrounding landscape, and preserve the natural environment.

As a community, Splinter Creek is all about family and friends coming together to embrace meaningful experiences, nature, and an timeless aesthetic.

The chosen tagline — Live Lightly on the Land — expresses the development’s sustainable philosophy and invites the community to take it to heart as they settle in beautiful Splinter Creek.

Client: Splinter Creek
Partner: Studio Sanderson, Lang Architecture

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