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Turning the Tables

Our friends at Venture86 – the brains behind an entirely new way for restaurants, distributors and manufacturers to buy and sell food – explained the situation to us in very clear terms:

The current way restaurants purchase food is old-school. Think pencils, paper, faxes and endless phone calls to distributors, all to keep their kitchens stocked every day.

That’s where TradingTable comes in. TradingTable is Venture86’s innovative B2B food service online marketplace that gives all parties – restaurants, distributors and manufacturers – the forum, tools, information and access they need to streamline their businesses and optimize how they buy and sell food.

We named it “TradingTable” to tell an effective, credible story about how the platform brings together all parties. Plus the accessible, memorable word choice works across cultures and languages, which is key in the restaurant business.

Welcome to TradingTable, where the market is finally open.

Client: Venture86

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