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A Story of Progress

When the U.S. Chamber of Commerce approached us with a unique creative challenge, we were intrigued and excited to take it on. As a large organization with many groups and departments, they were finding it challenging to tell their story in a clear and simple way. When meeting with CEOs to share information about the Chamber, they were leaving behind unwieldy stacks of folders, booklets and brochures packed with technical (i.e. not so fun to read) information.

Our clients had the bright idea to create an attractive and engaging book to tell the overarching story of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to external audiences—and they chose Tanj to write it.

In preparation for this substantial branding and marketing piece, we interviewed every senior person at the organization, from the heads of each department all the way up to the CEO. From these interviews along with a careful review of existing technical materials, we crafted a narrative that brought to life the illustrious history and the ongoing importance of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. We created one overarching voice and theme to thread throughout the book, but provided variety by mixing up the style of pieces within it—for example, feature pieces, Q&As, and a listicle with fun facts about the Chamber’s headquarters. There’s nothing boring in this book: it’s packed with personality and passion.

On the visual side, we worked with D.C.-based Polygraph who designed a beautiful book that any CEO would be happy to display on their coffee table. They included compelling photography and illustrations as well as plenty of white space in the layout and other thoughtfully selected details, conveying a premium feel and making the piece a joy to look through.

The book has now been used at hundreds of meetings and has been met with great feedback. It’s seen as a great tool to inform new and prospective members about the Chamber. At Tanj, we always love finding simple solutions to complex branding issues, and writing this book was an exciting new way for us to do just that.

Client: US Chamber of Commerce

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