Tanj is an NYC-based brand naming and language studio. We believe that words empower people and propel brands to achieve great things.


To help businesses & organizations have a positive, meaningful impact on the world, one word at a time.

Language is fundamental to how we understand and interact with the world around us.

Our mission is to leverage our skills as seasoned namers, strategists, writers and researchers to help you go to market with little bits of language that your audience loves.

As a business, we are 100% focused on brand naming and language. We know our sweet spot, and that’s all that we do.

As a team, we’re agile. We tailor our process to each client’s unique needs, and we execute way faster than other agencies.

As marketers, we believe any brand worth an audience’s time must communicate with meaning and purpose. We inject both into every aspect of our work.



What’s the name “Tanj” all about?


We thought you might ask.

First, “Tanj” comes from “tangible.” Language is ethereal and often abstract. We make it tangible — real, active, alive.

Second, from the Japanese word “tanjun,” which means “to simplify.” We believe simplicity is the hallmark of a great name and message.

And finally, from “tangerine.”

We like tangerines.

A lot.



Working across every sector with the most dynamic brands around