Need help with naming?


Make a Name for Yourself

By Scott Milano

Naming a company is its own beast. It is inherently different and more difficult than naming a product or service. If you read this guide, you’ll learn how to overcome the unique challenges of naming your company.


Now Name it

By Scott Milano

There are no shortcuts when naming a product or service. Your launch is near, your list of stakeholders is long, and you have no viable, hard-hitting names to choose from (yet). This guide will help you get the process going.


Tweet Like Trump

By Scott Milano

You can hate him. You can love him. Whatever.

We all know President Trump is a master of crafting tweets that get attention.

How does he drive his message on Twitter? What is it that makes his tweets so ‘Trump’?

This fun, apolitical guide explains how he does it.

And how you can, too.

(if you dare!)