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We’re here to help. So, are you naming a company or product?


For Companies // Read This!

Naming a company is its own beast. It is inherently different and more difficult than naming a product or service. If you read this guide, you’ll learn how to overcome the unique challenges of naming your company.

For Products // Read This!

There are no shortcuts when naming a product or service. Your launch is near, your list of stakeholders is long, and you have no viable, hard-hitting names to choose from (yet). This guide will help you get the process going.

Key Takeaways from Each Guide

Generating Ideas

It’s about putting pen to paper and creating quality and quantity. With severe trademark and URL challenges, you need ideas that break through the clutter.

Managing the Process

Seriously, naming your business is a big thing. For you and for everyone around you. We offer tips and tricks on how to keep things running smoothly.

Trends & Templates

We also break down trends in naming today and provide advice on leveraging these thoughts for your naming. Plus we provide templates for you to work from.

What to Do Before Naming

You’ll learn that before you create a single name, you have to prepare, develop a strategy and align teams internally to avoid common pitfalls.

What to Do When Naming

We talk about the need to develop quality and quantity, screen for trademark conflicts and evaluate based on your strategy.

12+ Years of Insight

We have leveraged more than 12 years of global brand naming experience and expertise in launching powerful names to create this book for you.

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Company Naming Guide

Product Naming Guide

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