Everybody Needs an Ally

Naming, Story

Let’s face it: banks don’t have the best reputations these days. For your average consumer, there is a general feeling of “us” against “them.”

Several years ago, GMAC Financial understood this and aimed to develop a different kind of brand for a different kind of bank.

Enter Ally Financial — a unique refreshing take on how banks operate and what they offer, with a uniquely refreshing name developed by members of the Tanj team.

The name “Ally” comes from the English noun “ally,” meaning a person or group that supports you for a common cause. By always doing the right thing, the company serves as a relentless ally for customers, empowering them to make smarter decisions about their financial lives.

Since renaming the company, Tanj has worked extensively with Ally to develop dozens of brand names for new products, services, features and more.

Client: Ally Financial



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