An all-in-one virtual PA service offering companies phone answering services, live chat, schedule management, and more. Lots of SMBs rely on these services to keep their business running smoothly. So our client created this class-leading brand to help fulfill the demand from companies across the UK — and we created their name.

The client wanted to steer clear of stereotypes, gendered names (like Alexa) and bland, descriptive names. They were drawn to short, abstract, visually interesting names — names that stand out in their space, feel modern, and can flex as they expand services.

After deep exploration, we landed on the name Bizik. This succinct name was liked for its sense of visual balance, and for being largely abstract but with “biz” nodding to their support for businesses. Amongst its descriptively-named competitors, it stands out as a new service built on modern tech, ready to kick businesses into the next gear.