Buoy Health:
Warm the Message

Brand Language, Story, Messaging, Voice, Copywriting

If you are a human with an internet connection, you’ve undoubtedly Googled your symptoms the moment you felt sick. And then you’ve realized that as helpful as the internet can be, it’s also a breeding ground for medical misinformation.

To provide people with more accurate, helpful info when they feel sick, the amazing doctors, designers and developers at Buoy created a super-cool symptom checker backed by advanced AI that understands your symptoms and guides you to the right care.

Simply chat with Buoy, and it’ll help you figure out how to get the right care.

As fantastic as Buoy is, the team realized that the brand language they used to talk about Buoy was less fantastic and helpful. So together, we embarked on a journey to elevate the Buoy story from a very functional message about what Buoy does (e.g. “Buoy is an online symptom checker”) to a more emotive story, messaging and voice that speak to the broader value and relevance of the brand and technology.

We spoke with all key members of the company, diving deep into the future of the technology and business, uncovering competitor and landscape trends, and offering an extensive exploration of narrative roots, as well as brand voice possibilities.

Our entire strategy, story and approach hinged on a single, powerful phrase, “Buoy is with you, from sickness to health.” From there we crafted a variety of verbal components for the Buoy team to leverage across various touch points — in-product, web, social, investor decks and beyond. We wrapped everything up in user-friendly guidelines that Buoy copywriters use regularly.

Check out the new Buoy in action here, and some kind words from our client:

“After completing the project with Tanj, we updated our website to include all the new guidelines they developed for us. Immediately following this, we saw a dramatic increase in leads to the site. We’re also able to effectively communicate with users, buyers, investors, and others with the new playbook Tanj built. They were masters of language — they continually impressed us with the work they produced." – Adam Lathram, Co-Founder

Client: Buoy Health



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