Every Property, Every Angle

Naming, Story

Assessing a commercial property's value is no easy task. For investors and lenders alike, it's a painstakingly antiquated and subjective process that takes significant time and money to complete.

But our friends at GeoPhy are changing the game.

Their technology leverages AI and advanced data science to enable users to understand commercial property values and their underlying drivers, all in an instant for way cheaper than traditional methods. For each valuation, the platform looks beyond basic factors like comps. It amasses contextual data from millions of unconventional sources, including everything from transit lines to retail trends and more. The result is a detailed, objective, data-driven value assessments of a property's value, all within seconds.

We partnered with GeoPhy's co-founders and executive team to name this amazing new platform. After a deep dive to understand the highly dynamic space of data platform brands inside and outside of real estate, we developed more than 1,000 options, approaching the challenge from nearly every angle.

In the end, we landed on Evra, a short, coined name rooted in the word "Every." The innovative feel and expansive message clearly communicate GeoPhy's ambitions for the technology ⁠— to understand the real value of every property from every angle, everywhere.

Client: GeoPhy



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