My Teams:
Fan, In Hand


For many years, NBC Sports had a fractured app development strategy for regional sports coverage. Each market, like the Bay Area, Boston, Philly and beyond, had its own app for streaming games. And the look, feel and experience of each app was inconsistent and often out of date.

To step up its game, NBC Sports rolled up all regional apps and content into one bad-ass main app. The objective was to have a single destination and experience for fans to keep up with their favorite local teams and catch the latest team news, videos, and of course, live games.

We partnered with NBC Sports to create the name for this new app. It's called MyTeams. We love the name MyTeams because it is dead-simple. It deftly signals the app’s focus on regional sports content. Plus, it is super easy to remember for a wide-ranging audience (think everyone from casual viewers to die-hard super-fans).

Based on app download stats, it’s been a winner.


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