Just think how much digital commerce has grown and evolved over the past ten years. We’ve leapt from pre-digital-wallet times into the burgeoning metaverse.

When composable commerce consultancy Myplanet came to us to help create a new name, they had already been a leader in enterprise commerce for more than a decade, naturally seeing a lot of change over that time. And in recent years Myplanet shifted their focus specifically to composable commerce, helping companies create rich and compelling customer experiences across channels.

With the ways Myplanet and our digital world at large changed, the name they launched with no longer felt appropriate for who they are and what they do. So, we partnered with them to create a new name that would better align with their present — with plenty of stretch built in for the future.

The team at Myplanet felt strongly about creating a name that would convey the idea of assembling possibilities. Their work is a fascinating world — they aim to inspire wonder by assembling and orchestrating all of the best pieces in the customer journey.

The final name selected was Orium. Drawn from words like emporium and auditorium, this suffix denotes a place for a particular function. We see Orium as a place of wonder. A place where wild ideas come to life. Where people who are passionate about innovating and solving come together and work together. It’s a name that will take them as far as their imagination.