An Elevated Eyewear Shopping Experience


Ordering glasses online has become ultra popular in recent years, but it has largely been known for being cheap rather than high-quality. When it comes to prescription eyewear, quality and accuracy in fit are incredibly important.

A luxury optical group noticed this opportunity and decided it was time to bring the luxury eyewear shopping experience to the world of ecommerce. With a blend of optical expertise and advanced technology that allows measurements to be taken via a phone camera, they’re able to create precision-cut lenses and perfectly adjusted glasses that other companies have not been able to deliver.

The new name needed to feel at home in the luxury world, but also accessible enough to feel within reach for shoppers who don’t have a luxury-sized budget.

Following a deep name exploration, the team selected the name Visionist. It clearly conveys the category, and a simple three-letter suffix provides an elevated tone while also conveying expertise. We see a bright future for Visionist.

Client: Luxury Optical Holdings

Partners: Barrel NYC



Case Study