Bringing Structure to the Supply Chain

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The raw materials supply chain is huge. And from what we hear, hugely inefficient. The transactions involve large amounts of money and materials, yet there is less visibility and tracking than there is for a simple package shipped through Amazon.

Our client saw an opportunity to improve the supply chain by closing the gaps and enabling visibility and tracking every step of the way, ultimately making it more efficient, resilient and sustainable.

The name for the company needed to feel trusted and mature, but not serious or staid. There was a desire for a name that conveyed their ability to handle complexity and to simplify it as much as possible.

We explored a wide range of names. Ultimately, we landed on Waybridge. The name gives a nod to navigation—an important part of the global supply chain—while also speaking to their ability to bridge the gaps and create structure for a highly complex world.

Client: Waybridge



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