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Naming // You’ve gotta get it right, right from the start.

What’s in a Name?

Your brand name is at the heart of everything you do. It’s how the world identifies you. And it’s a huge pain to change it. So it’s important to get your name right, right from the start. Yes, that’s a significant challenge—especially when you factor in legal and linguistic hurdles.

A Proven Process

At Tanj, we handle all types of brand name development—we name companies, products, services, initiatives, events, campaigns and more. We’ve named brands for almost every sector, in all corners of the world. Although we tailor our process to our clients’ needs, our general naming process is made up of seven key steps.

Our Work

Naming Process 

1. Brief

Get the scoop from the client on what we’re naming, and gather background info and materials.

2. Discover

Perform competitor analysis, develop a naming strategy, and start brainstorming.

3. Discuss

Check in with the client to share our initial strategy and ensure we’re all on the same page.

4. Develop

This is where the magic happens: we don our creative thinking caps and generate lots (and lots) of names.

5. Screen

Before presenting names, we screen ’em for trademark, URL and linguistic viability.

6. Present

We formally present names in a way that lets you see how each one could come to life.

7. Finalize

When it comes to final selection, the decision is ultimately yours. But we’re here to guide you.

Keep Your Options Open

Our process is flexible to fit your project, budget and timing. We also offer a variety of options, including global trademark screening, linguistic disaster checks and analysis in almost any language, and cultural acceptability evaluations to ensure that you go to market with the strongest brand name possible.

Strategies & Stories // Your worldview, promise, values and personality are the true essence of your brand.

Our Work

What’s Your Story?

Chances are, your business has plenty to offer the world, but you don’t know how to explain what it is that you offer—or why it matters. It’s a more common problem than you think. We can help.

Through an in-depth process of uncovering your core strengths today and your vision for the business tomorrow, we build a robust strategy that defines all aspects of your brand. You’ll get a carefully tailored framework to clearly and concisely articulate what your brand story is all about.

Tell It Like It Is

For thousands of years, stories have been passed down through generations to shape our world and teach us what’s important. It’s similar with brands, just at a much faster pace. A unique story differentiates you from your competitors. A consistent story impacts customers across multiple channels. An emotional story communicates who you are and why your brand really matters.

Compelling through Storytelling

Through a strategic, interactive story development process, we help you create the story you need to engage your audience and capture their hearts. We help you tell your story in vivid, memorable language so your audience leans forward and asks for more.

Brand Copywriting // Get the right message, in the right voice, to the right audience, at the right time.

We Love Copy

Our approach to copywriting is simple. We tell stories that engage your audience and define your brand. Our writers have years of experience developing content strategies and polished copy. SEO-friendly websites, apps, brochures, brand books, ads, videos…. You name it, we write it.

The Road Ahead

Early on, we help you formulate clear objectives to build your brand and connect with your audience. We want to learn what makes you tick. Why should your audience believe in you? Why should they choose you over the competition?

Digging Deeper

Together, we’ll get to the bottom of what your communications need to achieve. We’ll focus your message and develop clear, compelling language that reaches out to your audience, breathing new life into your brand.



Brand Messaging // The key is to deliver a message that connects with your unique audience.

Every day your brand communicates with a variety of stakeholders—consumers, media, employees and more. But the same message won’t connect with all of them. Messaging is about finding the right language to engage each specific audience. It’s about delivering stories that support your brand while remaining highly relevant to your audience’s needs.

“You’ve got to tailor your message for greater success.”

Through a variety of workshops, exercises and discussions, we work with you to develop a compelling messaging strategy that aligns with your core brand values—and resonates with key audiences. We give you the tools your company or organization needs to communicate meaningfully across all channels.

“Be strategic, and say it beautifully.

Brand Voice // Does your brand speak in a tone that captures its unique essence—and your audience’s attention?

“It’s What You Say & How You Say It”

If messaging is what you say, your voice is how you say it. Is your brand warm? Witty? Conservative? Cool? The way your brand speaks determines whether customers choose to tune in, or tune out. Strategic brand voice guidelines ensure that you’re communicating in a consistent, recognizable tone across all lines of communication – even as your message changes.

“It’s about finding your voice”

When developing your brand voice, we help you define and codify how your brand speaks by creating an overarching brand voice strategy and tangible writing tactics that bring your voice to life. We deliver your brand voice blueprint in easy-to-use guidelines that allow your internal teams and external partners to speak in a unified, recognizable tone.

Taglines // Our goal is to encapsulate your brand’s entire story in 2-4 words that wow.

Hook, Tagline & Sinker

Need a tagline, strapline, or slogan? Whatever you call it, a succinct phrase that supports your name and logo is a powerful communication tool. A tagline can position your brand, express your vision, or describe what you do and how you do it.

An Advanced Approach

Because each tagline project is different, we always start with an open mind. Our general tagline development approach features seven key steps that mirror our naming process, but we tailor our process to your unique needs.





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