It certainly has been a unique year thanks to a president who uses language like no other. So it was only a matter of time before we threw our hat into the ring of all the Trump commentary out there.

Today, we are launching The Best Words: A Guide to Effective Tweeting, The Trump Way.

We wrote this apolitical guide for our own edification. Then we realized that you—an everyday person alive today—might also appreciate more clarity (and less confusion).

So here it is, a simple analysis, with qualitative and quantitative analytics for support, of the writing and verbal techniques Trump uses on Twitter.

From messaging tactics to tone of voice to his unique writing style, you’ll learn what makes his tweets ‘Trump’ tweets. And who knows, you too might be able to use his tactics for YUGE impact on Twitter.

A special thanks to Primary Notes for developing all the analytics, and to the Trump Twitter Archive for providing all the source data.

Here’s a peek inside. We hope you enjoy.

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