You’ll hear us say it a million times:

AI will never replace humans when it comes to brand naming. 

Sure, AI assists. 

It augments.

It might even come up with a few zingers. 

But we firmly believe that it will never achieve the creativity, sensitivity and subtlety of human intelligence. 

With that said…

It’s really fun to see what Chatnamer — our proprietary AI naming assistant, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT language model — comes up with. 

So we’re introducing a new series called Chatnamer: Real Searches, Real Results where we mine anonymous queries on, and actual name suggestions Chatnamer (and thus ChatGPT) delivered.  

Here are a few of the hundreds of queries that Chatnamer has handled so far — it’s been just five days since its January 4th launch. 

:: The Good ::

Cannabis — Wow, these are lit! 

  • Brand Type: Top shelf cannabis company
  • Brand Personification: Chris Angel
  • USP: Help people discover and enjoy the benefits of fine cannabis
  • Brand Vibe: Mysterious, Rebel, Cheeky
  • Chatnamer Suggestions: 
    • Phantasmic (🏆- fuego!)
    • Ghostweed (🏆- ooohhh!)
    • Hempire Co (🏆- well played!)
    • RebelRuby
    • Bongiverse 

Politics — Clear & Principled

  • Brand Type: A service to choose your politicians for next Elections
  • Brand Personification: Nelson Mandela
  • USP: To make politics clearer
  • Brand Vibe: Transparency, Honesty, Directness
  • Chatnamer Suggestions: 
    • HonTrans
    • DirectMeGov (🏆- sounds legit)
    • ElectCred
    • ClearerChoice (🏆- clean, simple)
    • EthiVotz

Travel — The Right Touch

  • Brand Type: Travel website
  • Brand Personification: Julia Roberts
  • USP: Life inspiration through beautiful design
  • Brand Vibe: Relaxed, Homey, Modern
  • Chatnamer Suggestions: 
    • EaseTron
    • Rejoura (🏆- clean coinage)
    • Sojurno (🏆- very classy)
    • Jetly (🏆- short, simple, surprising)
    • Yoltrava

:: The Not-So-Good ::

Food — More Dull, Less Delish

  • Brand Type: Ramen brand
  • Brand Personification: Popeye
  • USP: Yummy & healthy ramen
  • Brand Vibe: Fresh, Cool, Modern
  • Chatnamer Suggestions: 
    • Swimpow
    • Noodlyte
    • Spnoodle
    • Ramblex
    • Noodizy

Human Vessels? — Super Sci-Fi

  • Brand Type: A product that create new human vessels
  • Brand Personification: Einstein
  • USP: Creating immunogenic response like human tissue
  • Brand Vibe: Scientific, Technical
  • Chatnamer Suggestions: 
    • Vessenit
    • Synthclon
    • Replefix
    • Cytrixon
    • Bioreplen

Healthcare — Land of Cyborgs

  • Brand Type: A visual health clinic, focused on diagnostics
  • Brand Personification: James Bond
  • USP: Help people enjoy the beauty of world
  • Brand Vibe: Professional, Smooth, Modern
  • Chatnamer Suggestions: 
    • Vifura
    • Claritox
    • Ocularon
    • Visimed
    • Optecare

Chatnamer seems to do best when you give it more surprising inputs. 

The cannabis brand query crushed it. It’s not entirely clear why or how the Travel Website query worked, but it did. The political service names — although not great — do feel right in the context of the brand’s setting. 

I would have thought it could have created better Ramen Shop names — perhaps it's too narrow of a category or too subtle to dive into? 

Those are the latest real searches, and real results. 

More to come.

Scott Milano is the founder & managing director at Tanj.