AI is taking the tech world by storm — it’ll be the story of 2023 and beyond. 

We are so excited by these text-based innovations that in late 2022 we built Chatnamer. It’s the world’s simplest, most advanced AI naming assistant, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT language model. 

To prove (or deny!?) this claim, we’re running a series of head-to-head tests challenging Chatnamer to three rounds of naming against other prominent name generators on the internet. 

First up, Namelix. This technology claims to use AI to generate short, branded names that are relevant to your business idea. 

Which bot will come out on top? 


+ Round 1 +

The Brief - AI Business Advisor Brand

  • Name an AI business advisor for ambitious startup founders. 
  • Make it feel like a sidekick fueling how founders scale their ventures. 

Namlix Results

Worth noting: Namelix has fairly advanced functionality so we’ve asked it provide “brandable names” at “high randomness” with a little extra description around the AI advisor helping founders scale their ventures. 

  • Investion
  • Advisorship
  • Madvisor
  • Marketic
  • Badvisor?

Chatnamer Results

With Chatnamer, you can get much more nuanced in your queries, and the ChatGPT-powered technology thrives on it. We included personality around being understanding and insightful, as well as asking for “coinages” between 4-7 letters — so short invented words, which Namelix can’t do.

  • Intellico
  • Proscale
  • Cognito
  • Wiseup
  • Scalify


+ Round 2 +

The Brief - Advanced Fitness Platform

  • Name a body-mind fitness training platform for top-level athletes. 
  • Make the name feel like the most legendary coach the world has ever known.

Namelix Results

Same as before, we used the above parameters for Namelix and here is the output:

  • Fitnesspin
  • ATopLevel
  • Tainic
  • UpCamp
  • Tainet

Chatnamer Results

Again, using similar parameters here as well, Chatnamer yields the following:

  • Altheo
  • CoachX
  • Performa
  • Peakfit
  • EliteGym


+ Round 3 + 

The Brief - Gen Z Streaming Platform

  • Name a massive new, ultra sticky entertainment platform for Gen Z.
  • Make it feel entertaining yet enriching, exciting yet educational, in a way Tiktok simply doesn’t. 

Namelix Results (same general parameters as above)

  • Launchmote
  • Platform
  • Teadazzle
  • Nexuny
  • Buzzsware

Chatnamer Results (ditto)

  • Funbox
  • Empowerly
  • HypedUp
  • Futurist
  • Genzap


+ The Winner +

While Namelix does a fair job with some queries, it delivers a lot of repetitive, base-level category keywords, which is a let down. We also see quite a lot of random, irrelevant entries, too. Perhaps that’s a function of turning the randomness all the way up? 

With Chatnamer (and thus ChatGPT), we don’t see many truly groundbreaking names — for that you’ll have to hire real human namers like our team at Tanj. But Chatnamer’s output is more polished, more unique and easier to see as more viable options. 

Granted, we’re biased because we built it. But we think you’ll agree — the win goes to Chatnamer. 

Until the next match up!

Scott Milano is the founder & managing director at Tanj.