We’ve been writing a lot about AI and naming this year. While we believe AI will never overtake humans when it comes to crafting truly unique, nuanced, groundbreaking names, it’s fun to see what these wordbots produce. 

In this edition of our AI Naming Wars, our ChatGPT-powered AI naming assistant Chatnamer goes head-to-head with Looka

The Looka tool bills itself as “the best business name generator (AI powered)” that helps you brainstorm ideas, check availability, and see logo ideas instantly. Forget the logos and domains for now — let’s focus on names.

Which namebot will come out on top? 


+ Round 1 +

The Brief - Artisanal Gelato Brand

  • Name an Artisanal Gelato brand that uses the finest ingredients to create truly memorable flavors and experiences.
  • Make it feel like an ancient guide is taking you on a tour of Florence — the birthplace of Gelato in the 1600s.

Looka Results

Worth noting: Looka’s interface is quite simple so all you have to do is type in words. Based on the above, we included the following independent terms: Artisanal Gelato / Finest Ingredients / Memorable Taste / Ancient Guide / Tour of Florence / Birthplace of Gelato

  • Original Ring
  • Lahistoical
  • SacClassic
  • Elementio
  • Uniflorence

Chatnamer Results

Worth noting: We then popped the above brief – both concept & feel — into Chatnamer. Here's what we got:

  • Gusto Antico
  • La Vita Dolce
  • Cremoso
  • Delizia
  • Florenza


+ Round 2 +

The Brief - Hipster Hotel Brand

  • Name a new hotel brand that offers a chic but simple hipster vibe.
  • Make it feel like Jared Leto — an a-lister hipster — is taking you out on the town.

Looka Results

Same as before, we used the above parameters for Looka:

  • Tonightup
  • Trademarker
  • Golate
  • Nycla
  • Corooms
  • Artown

Chatnamer Results 

The only major tweak here was to ask Chatnamer to create "coined" names to align with many of the options Looka yielded above. 

  • Hiptel
  • Stayo
  • Chillax
  • Modero
  • Urbano
  • Staysy


+ Round 3 +  

The Brief - B2B VR Platform

  • Name a B2B virtual reality platform brand that trains technicians and professionals for mission critical situations.
  • Make it feel like Tom Cruise in Top Gun — a maverick who happens to always get the job done. 

Looka Results (same general parameters as above)

  • Nucrucial
  • SideArmPro
  • Entips
  • Requasi
  • Favoritechs
  • Nubb

Chatnamer Results (ditto)

  • ProSim
  • OpReady
  • EliteVR
  • CriticalEdge
  • Skillforce
  • MissionReady


+ The Winner +

Looka kinda stinks. It really didn’t deliver any quality names. Elementio for the Gelato brand was ok. And a few of the VR platform names — Nucrucial and Requasi — were sorta interesting. But everything else felt super synthetic.

Chatnamer on the other hand delivered passable options for each of the briefs. It seemed to excel in Italian (Bravissimo ChatGPT!) and the hipster hotel monikers were a good start. I was personally less impressed with the VR names, but like a Tom Cruise movie, they’ll be a hit for a lot of people. 

We give this bout to Chatnamer 🏆 

Until the next match up!

Scott Milano is the founder & managing director at Tanj.