Whew, what a year and a half for AI. 

Since we launched Chatnamer — our ChatGPT-powered AI naming assistant — in 2023, the world of artificial intelligence overall has exploded, with new models coming online weekly. 

But what’s happened specifically with AI-back name generation tools? 

  • Has the landscape changed? 
  • Do any of these tools actually create viable, interesting brand names? 
  • And how does Chatnamer stack up to them? 

Durable is a broader platform with a whole portfolio of tools that purport to help you build websites and brands. 

Within the suit of tech, they have an AI Business Name Generator (catchy!), so we thought we’d take it for a spin and see how it performs against Chatnamer. 

Which namebot will come out on top? 

Each brief below is fictitious but should give you a sense of how both tools handle a variety of naming tasks. 

Let's begin.


+ Round 1 +

The Brief - Krav Maga Gym

  • Name a Krav Maga gym that focuses on fitness as much as self defense 
  • Make it feel more modern — less brutish — but still sound like an effective form of training for kicking butt while getting fit. 

Durable Results

Worth noting: Durable only gives you two sections to input information. The first is a description of the business, which you can have a lot of freedom with. The second asks for the location of the business, which may or may not be relevant to brand owners. 

For the sake of this session, we’ll use NYC. 

Here’s a sampling of the best from Durable, including some real doozies. 

  • KravFitique
  • FitMagaSphere
  • Gotham Krav Maga
  • Grit & Grapple Studio 
  • Mighty Moves

Chatnamer Results

Worth noting: We then used the above brief – both concept & feel — to run through Chatnamer's series of prompts. Here's the output.

  • KravCore
  • Primal Defense
  • Fusion Krav Maga
  • KravGen
  • Tribe

First Round Winner? 

Chatnamer wins. While not great, all names feel powerful and more modern, which lives up to the brief. Durable names feel hokey. Gotham Krav Maga is probably the best because it’s so straightforward. But names like that are almost always taken, or too similar to players already in the market


+ Round 2 +

The Brief - New Hobbie-Based Micro Social Network 

  • Name a new micro social network that thrives off of people’s love of hobbies. 
  • Make it feel like you’re having a great night out with your friends, and you all feel like you have super powers that enable you to explore your hobbies way better, together.

Durable Results

Same as before, we used the above parameters for Durable. We’re omitting the NYC specific results at this point:

  • HobbyHero & Co
  • SuperSkill Soiree
  • PassionPulse
  • Hobbique
  • Explorify

Chatnamer Results

Again, using similar parameters here as well, Chatnamer yields the following:

  • HobNob
  • Vibely
  • LinkUp
  • Hobbix
  • JoyUs

Second Round Winner? 

Again, Chatnamer. HobNob is probably the best from this set. The other Chatnamer options are kinda passable, but Durable names just sound silly. SuperSkill Soiree, anyone? 


+ Round 3 +  

The Brief - AI-powered Wearable Armband for Fitness

  • Name a new AI-powered armband that tracks all aspects of your training, fitness and health — during and outside of workouts 
  • Make the name evoke the world of an elite athlete, but in an accessible and light-hearted way

Durable Results 

  • GritBit
  • Enduro
  • FitChamp
  • FlexLogic
  • SportSense

Chatnamer Results

  • VitaBand
  • PaceLink
  • PulsePro
  • FlexTrak
  • VigorAI

Third Round Winner? 

This feel like the closest round yet. Enduro from Durable is pretty cool. The others are a bit expected (GritBit ~ Fitbit?), but not awful. Chatnamers are somewhat expected too, though VigorAI breaks the mold and feels like it does a decent job pushing beyond the basic parameters of the brief. 


+ The Winner +

Durable’s results just don't hold up! While it yielded a few interesting concepts, you’re not going to get much out of Durable if you have any desire to create a novel, smart and... dare I say... durable brand name. 

Chatnamer isn’t a master namer yet either, but the output is better, more usable. Compared to a really creative namer or copywriter, it clearly creates more straightforward, obvious names overall, but that’s a fair place to start. 

Depending on your ambitions as a brand owner, you may want a more descriptive name that speaks to the nature of your offering. So you might find a tool like Chatnamer helpful. 

But if you’re looking for a name that really stands out, neither of these tools will likely get you there. For that, you’ll need real creativity from an actual human. 

Get in touch with us anytime 🤳

Scott Milano is the founder & managing director at Tanj.