We had a hunch that GoDaddy was hopping into the AI naming space. 

As the world’s biggest domain registrar, it makes total sense. 

And if they get it right, it also makes big bucks. 

The domain business is all about selling names, so theoretically, the better the names, the more they sell, and the more profitable GoDaddy becomes. 

The problem that we’re uncovering with most AI-based naming assistants is that they are built by technology companies that know nothing about naming. 

And business owners who understand the power of great names and brands don’t want to invest in awful names. 

Does GoDaddy’s brand new AI brand — GoDaddy Airo — buck the trend and deliver the goods? 

Let’s go to war to find out. 

Each brief below is fictitious — I’m literally just making them up off the top of my head — but they should gives us enough fodder and angles to test Airo against our own ChatGPT-powered AI naming assistant, Chatnamer


+ Round 1 +

The Brief - An AI Naming Assistant

Yeah, why not? Let’s see how the AI naming assistants could rename themselves. Specifically…

  • Name a new AI-powered brand naming assistant that gives only the best naming options any AI could ever create. 
  • Make names feel super modern but personable — like the most amazing technology is helping fuel your own creative juices so you land on the best business name around. 

Airo Results

Worth noting: There’s only one prompt with Airo: just describe the business. And you can make it as long or short as you like. Also, they’re delivering immediately available .COMs, which is obviously helpful for many business owners, and their core registrar business, but limiting from a naming perspective. 

Here’s a sampling of the output: 

  • Ai Name Forge
  • Brainwave Brander
  • Cerebral Namer
  • Genius Namer
  • Innovate Namer

Chatnamer Results

Worth noting: Chatnamer, throughout the experience, gives you prompts to make you think more deeply and creatively about how to name your business. So we took the brief above and applied key elements. Here’s what popped out. 

  • NameSpark
  • InnoviName
  • NomIQ
  • Nameify
  • SkyNamer - ooh, akin to Airo? 

First Round Winner? 

Chatnamer wins. While the names aren’t completely polished, they’re easier to digest and less clunky than Airo’s output. 


+ Round 2 +

The Brief - Soccer Apparel Brand

  • Name a new soccer apparel brand — top-of-the-line cleats, clothes, balls, etc... 
  • Make names feel thrilling and competitive, while sounding high-performance and global. 
  • Keep names short and iconic - 3-5 letters. 

Airo Results

Airo doesn’t let you control the length of a name, and it’s delivering exact .COM matches, so it’s going to totally fail on the direction around length. Regardless, here’s the output: 

  • Combat Cleats
  • Compete Craze
  • Global Goal Gear
  • Rivalry Rush
  • Champion Chase

Chatnamer Results:  

Again, using similar parameters here as well, Chatnamer yields the following:

  • Volt
  • Tekon
  • Zentra
  • Dash
  • Quixo

Second Round Winner? 

Rivalry Rush or Tekon? Which would you wear? Chatnamer wins again. Easy.


+ Round 3 +  

The Brief - Prebiotic Bubble Gum

  • Name a new bubble gum brand that leverages probiotics to improve your gut microbiome. 
  • Make names that are fun but trustworthy. Evoke delicious taste and a healthy feeling. 

Airo Results 

  • Balance Bubble
  • Biotic Burst
  • Digest I Chew
  • Gut Glee Gum
  • Pro Bio Bubble

Chatnamer Results

  • Chewbiotics
  • PreBioPop
  • FloraChew
  • BioBurst
  • MicroMunch
  • GutGlee

Third Round Winner? 

This round feels closer. It’s funny that both platforms yielded “Gut Glee.” We’ll go with a tie here, but I’d have to say Chatnamer’s ideas feel slightly more finished, albeit not highly polished. That may be because Chatnamer doesn’t factor in .COM availability, and Airo just needs to shoehorn keywords into the name to get available domains. 


+ The Winner +

The .COM difference is a huge variable in this battle, so we have to acknowledge this since its impact on naming can be enormous. 

With all that said though, Airo just feels like every other name generator developed by a technology company. The ideas it creates are half-baked at best, and totally sloppy at worst. 

This round goes to Chatnamer — so far, the undefeated winner of all these wars. 

A final parting question: 

Did GoDaddy use its tech to name Airo? 🤔 

It’s a fairly decent name that feels like it has purpose and longevity, so my money says no. 

Scott Milano is the founder & managing director at Tanj.