In the throes of the pandemic, when indoor air quality was top of mind for the entire commercial real estate industry, Senseware was taking off like a rocket. The only problem was a thorny trademark challenge with their name. 

We worked with the founding team to rename and reposition the brand beyond their IoT software that connects indoor sensors for commercial buildings. 

Our core positioning recommendation was for the brand to reach beyond the world of sensors, into whole-building intelligence — helping building owners and managers see what typically can’t be seen of their buildings’ performance, and know the unknown by leveraging the company’s connective platform that ties together all types of sensing technologies critical to optimizing how commercial buildings operate. 

We created the name Attune. It powers a story about the platform being attuned to building owners’ and managers’ needs, and attuned to all that’s going on within a building’s overall performance. The name also signals that the platform lets you tune into an entirely new level of data and awareness about building performance.