Complete Audio Immersion

Naming, Story

Status is a force when it comes to headphones. The brand stands for simplicity and quality — sleekly designed and meticulously engineered audio gear for sound enthusiasts, all at an accessible price.

The company hired Tanj to help name its revolutionary line of wireless ear budges to go head-to-head against some of the industries biggest players (umm... Airpods?).

We dove deep into the process with Status’s CEO and design team. We set up a naming and brand strategy based on the idea of immersion — complete, unfettered immersion into audio from earbuds that boast industry-leading sound, ergonomics and battery life.

Status’s intentionally limited branding meant that the new name had to work on the same level. It had to feel natural, unfiltered, pure.

Together we landed on Between. A highly conceptual real word that perfectly describes what matters most when it comes to headphones. The real experience is everything you feel in between your ears, and these earbuds reveal it all.

Client: Status Audio



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