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Bravia. Naming.


Bravo for Bravia

Who doesn’t love a big flatscreen? The vivid colors, impressive picture and sheer size make you want to jump to your feet and belt ‘Bravo!’ for its amazing performance!

Well, maybe we’re exaggerating a teensy bit.

But TVs can be cool, and when members of our team developed the name “Bravia” to help Sony climb back to the top of a highly competitive flatscreen market, the goal was to create a name that spoke to high performance.

Hence “Bravia,” lightly coined from the word “bravo,” denoting a really good viewing experience.

Client: Sony

* The above work was directed by Scott Milano, Owner & Managing Director of Tanj Branding LLC, while he was employed by Interbrand Japan. It is featured on this site only to represent the comprehensive work experience of Scott Milano the individual, not Tanj Branding LLC the company. 

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