Brick & Wonder:
Good Design, Good People

Naming, Story, Copywriting

Introducing Brick & Wonder ⁠— a new, member-only community for real estate and design professionals recently launched by our friends at Lang Architecture (they also created Hudson Woods!).

Brick & Wonder is changing the way real estate and design pros practice their craft, interact with each other, and ultimately grow their businesses.

As a network, it’s built on the idea that collaboration creates more long-term value for everyone than you can simply working on your own. As a community and resource, it works.

In partnership with Studio Sanderson, we developed the general story behind the brand, as well as the name ‘Brick & Wonder,’ which is a tip of the hat to the musing put forth by famed architecture powerhouse Louis Kahn in his book Silence & Light.

Client: Lang Architecture

Partners: Studio Sanderson


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