These days, technology can seem like the go-to fix for everything—but it’s not always a one-size-fits-all solution. While startups in life insurance and financial advisory have tried to disrupt these industries by introducing automation, they’ve made the mistake of ignoring the need for human connection. When you’re assessing various insurance policies or evaluating worthwhile investment options, It’s valuable to have the ability to actually talk to someone and be heard. 

Agents and advisors bring incredible value to the table. Technology should seek to empower their presence, instead of eliminating it. A team of young upstarts knew a different approach was needed. They envisioned utilizing automation, but strategically. This meant streamlining payments and commissions, helping close sales, and obtaining insights for agents and advisors. Unifying everything under a single financial platform would help in accelerating the growth of their businesses. At the same time, simplifying these transactions enables them to focus on where agents and advisors can really add value: the business of connection.

They came to Tanj looking for a powerful name that would signal a fresh perspective in a stodgy industry, something that felt novel and traditional in equal measure. After exploring a variety of approaches, we crafted the name Chestnut. Embodying warmth and trust, it’s the perfect name for a financial platform that wants to help agents and advisors elevate and enhance their businesses.