Climb Hire:
Break Through. Rise Up.

Brand Research, Story, Storytelling, Messaging, Voice

Anytime we get the chance to work with a non-profit organization that’s mission-driven and focused on creating positive change in the world, we’re really fired up. And our partnership with Climb Hire was no exception.

To set the stage, Climb Hire is a professional training organization that helps diverse and determined individuals get the training they need to break into new careers in technology and beyond.

The organization was founded in 2019. Iin the midst of the pandemic, they saw significant increases in enrollment. Everyone was looking to upskill, right?

However, post pandemic, Climb Hire struggled to connect its brand and messaging with its audience of potential students (Climbers!), new employees and philanthropic funders.

Through intensive brand research, including quantitative testing, qualitative focus groups and a heavy landscape analysis, we embarked on a journey to completely revamp Climb Hire’s brand strategy, story and messaging across all of its unique audience and touchpoints.

The result was a more clearly defined positioning centered on helping Climbers — potential and current — break through into new fields, and rise up in both their careers and lives.

Since launch, the revamped brand strategy and messaging has helped align employees across the organization on a single, clear mission for the brand, clarify Climb Hire’s offering to potential applicants, and differentiate the brand amidst a sea of other players and platforms.

Stay on the lookout as Climb Hire’s profile continues to rise.

Client: Climb Hire

Partners: Odi



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