Relax, Your Fleet is Covered

Naming, Branding

How many commercial vans and trucks are on US highways right now? And how are the drivers and owners of those vehicles paying for gas to make sure they can stay on the road and get the job done?

Fleet cards.

Since the 1980s, fleet cards have been a key payment tool for businesses managing vehicle fleets. Think HVAC businesses, delivery companies, trucking services and more.

But fleet cards have traditionally been issued by a handful of legacy players with outdated technology and not-so-transparent offers that often work against the best interest of the fleet owners.

Our client, a team of tech, payments and mobility entrepreneurs, are flipping the script on the fleet card industry — much in the way that brands like Brex, Ramp and Airbase have — with a smart, fair payments platform that gives fleet owners clarity and control to easily track spend, avoid hidden fees and get better rewards.

Alongside our friends at Together, we crafted the name “Coast” to signal a smoother, easier time for drivers on the go and owners in the office.

Short, simple and recognizable, the name “Coast” is just one part of a broader effort and brand that will surely disrupt the future of transportation. Coast recently announced a $27.5m Series A round. Based on its early trajectory, we’re sure the team will keep the momentum going.

Client: K-Dimensional Holdings

Partners: Together



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