Over the past few years, iBuying has become a big part of real estate. Companies like Opendoor and Offerpad use technology and algorithms to give homeowners an instant offer on their home. The technology is super useful, but iBuyers have been edging out real estate agents and making it harder for homeowners to get the personalized advice they need from a trusted person. 

Our client, originally named Flashhouse, saw the opportunity to use iBuying technology to empower the people in real estate by giving agents access to the algorithms and tools the big iBuyers use. However, the “sell now!” message featured in the name Flashhouse felt akin to a standard iBuyer. This young, smart, personable team sought a more welcoming name to introduce a new era of agent-led iBuying.

We created the name Fello to set the tone for this friendly brand and to convey a simple yet strong message about keeping people at the heart of real estate. 

To accompany the new name and brand, we developed a brand language toolkit to define the voice and messaging that Fello will use in communications. With a smart, friendly and helpful tone of voice and clearly defined brand messaging pillars, it’s easy for Fello to show the world who they are and how they ease the home selling process for homeowners and real estate agents alike. When agents are empowered with a range of smart tools, homeowners get the best possible experience and outcome.