Grand Reserve:
Isn’t Paradise Grand?


What do you call a beautiful peninsula less than 30 miles east of San Juan PR — an amazing plot of land that will become a resort boasting beaches, golf, hotels, spas, restaurants, vilas and more?

When the team at RPC Holdings reached out about branding and naming this particular plot of land, we were excited at the challenge. The team wanted a name that was universal, timeless and upscale. Equally important, the name needed to work with other brand names — think branded hotels and restaurants on the peninsula.

After an exhaustive exploration of names leveraging Spanish, English and more, we landed on “Grand Reserve.” Designed to feel and sound like a worthy place to travel to, the name “Grand Reserve” invites visitors to learn more about all the area has to offer. It also works seamlessly alongside other brand names, like the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve.

Client: RPC Holdings


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