HRA Pharma is a leader in oral contraceptives. 

Not only has the company innovated on the product level, they’ve pushed for open and easy access to contraception and information for women all around the world. 

They aim to support, to guide, to empower. 

So when they approached us about naming their new brand in the UK, we jumped at the chance to make an impact. 

Our strategy was to connect with women in an open, honest and easy way to mirror the product experience HRA aimed to create. 

After a long list of names — and some rigorous market research and name validation — we arrived at Hana as the winner. 

Meant to emulate a given name, like the name of a supportive friend, “Hana” has a warmth and closeness that makes it approachable and memorable. 

It also naturally extends into clever copy and hashtags, like #AskHana, which creates even more engagement.