There’s a different breed of high-net-worth investors and entrepreneurs who’ve built their fortunes in the world of decentralized finance and digital assets. These newly minted individuals are discovering that the traditional world of wealth management isn’t necessarily designed for their needs and desires.

Enter HQ, a members-only life and wealth management platform that tailors its offerings, including both financial and lifestyle-related services, to align with the values its members subscribe to. The business is part of the Digital Currency Group, which is owned and managed by Barry Silbert—an early crypto investor with one of the largest holdings of Bitcoin. 

HQ came to Tanj to help develop its core brand language: a high-level value proposition for their set of services, more in-depth messaging for several different types of member profiles, and a series of unique names to brand and describe aspects and elements of their offering. 

As we distilled everything HQ does and provides for its members, we came to a simple, elegant articulation of their raison d’être: “Life, Optimized.” HQ helps individuals and families make the most of their wealth, in terms of investment and time management. They function as a concierge on both fronts. Our naming and messaging work revolved around this very notion of optimizing life for every HQ member. 

Though still in its nascent stages, the brand is sure to make waves in their unique space as the world of finance continues to evolve.